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Downloading JavaScript pages from this site

August 23, 2010 --

The Diamond 16 Puzzle and the Kaleidoscope Puzzle can now be downloaded in the normal way from a browser, with the save-as web-page-complete option, and have their JavaScript still work– if the files are saved with the name indicated in the instructions on the puzzles' web pages. (There was a problem with file names in the JavaScript that has been fixed.)

The JavaScript pages Design Cube 2x2x2 and Design Cube 4x4x4 have not been changed. To download these, it is necessary to…

  1. Do a web-page-complete save to get an image-files folder, then
  2. do an HTML-only save to the image-files folder  to put an unaltered copy of the the web page there, then
  3. rename the image-files folder to unlink it from the altered HTML page downloaded in step 1, then
  4. delete the altered HTML page downloaded in step 1.

The result is a folder containing both image files and the HTML page, just as it is on the Web.