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The 4x4 Square

The Animated Diamond Theorem

The Diamond Theorem (html) (pdf)
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Cases of the diamond theorem
2002 May 22 (html)
The Diamond 16 Puzzle

The [simpler] Kaleidoscope Puzzle

Geometry of the 4x4 Square
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The Miracle Octad Generator (MOG) of R. T. Curtis
2005 Nov. 30 (html)
Finite Relativity

Binary Coordinate Systems

Inscapes: views of the generalized quadrangle GQ(2,2)
2006 Jan. 19 (html)

Inscapes I,
1982 June 12 (jpg) (pdf)

Inscapes II, query,
1982 Sept. 22  (jpg) (html) (pdf)

Inscapes III: PG(2,4) from PG(3,2),
1986 Feb. 4 (jpg)

The 2-subsets of a 6-set are the points of a PG(3,2)
1986 May 26 (jpg)

Inscapes IV: Inner and outer group actions,
1986 July 11 (jpg)

Picturing the smallest projective 3-space,
1986 April 26 (jpg)  (gif) (pdf)

A linear complex related to M24
1986 May 8 (jpg)

An outer automorphism of S6 related to M24
1986 June 11 (jpg)

Picturing outer automorphisms of S6
1986 July 3 (jpg)

The smallest projective (3-)space
2002 May 21 (html)
The Geometry of Logic

The Geometry of Qubits

Orthogonality of Latin squares viewed as skewness of lines
1978 December (jpg) (pdf)

Latin-Square Geometry
2005 Feb. 6 (html) (pdf)

Diamond Theory in 1937:
An Exercise in Carmichael

Research Announcement (1978)

Quilt Geometry

List of problems related to permutations acting on a 16-set in Introduction to the Theory of Groups of Finite Order, by Robert D. Carmichael (1937) (reprinted by Dover Books, 1956)
2001 (html)